"Homepage of STU Kuching Branch"
was officially launched by the Deputy President of STU, Bro Entika Gumbang
on Saturday, 23 May, 1998.

Aims of the Homepage and the website

  1. As a communication channel between Kuching Branch of STU and its members.
  2. To promote the usage of Internet among teachers so as to access into the vast pool of knowledge.
  3. As a faster way to convey messages concerning the news, plans and activities of STU to the members.
Contents of the Website:
a)  News, plans and activities about the STU Kuching Branch.
b)  Special news or announcements from Kuching Branch.
c)  Any coming activities of Kuching Branch.
d)  Parts of the material from Kuching Branch's newsletter "The Link"
    like 'editorial', news, essays etc.
e)  3 forums have been set up for our teachers to exchange their views
    /ideas namely, "STU Forum", "STU Forum 2" and "CatCity Talk".
f)  To provide links to useful and educational websites. 
g)  Survey forms will be set up to collect the members' views.
Panel of the Homepage Team:
Advisors:		Bro Tay Jik Kaw
			Bro Ong Kheng Syn
Webmasters:		Bro Chai Kian Chun
			Sis Mary Ting
			Bro Jong Lai Fook

We wish to thank our sponsor Mr Jacob Liew of CDC Internet for providing us the website and the domain name http://stu.cdc.net.my, and to Bro Entika Gumbang and whoever helps make the launching of this homepage a success. Thank you !