E-mail Form Processor FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I have a E-mail Form Processor today?
Yes... your Form Processor is ready instantly. Fill out the form and cut and paste the provided text into your webpage... that's it!

What does the E-mail Form Processor do?
First you must have a form on your webpage that your visitors can fill out. Once they have filled in the blank areas, they hit 'send'. The e-mail processor then takes the information and e-mails it to you. It will be sent in an easy to read letter with all of your visitors responses to your form questions.

What does a Webpage Form look like?
It looks something like this:

What is your name?

Where are you from?

What came first... chicken or egg?


I don't know much about programming... will I be lost?
No, it's very easy, and if you have troubles just e-mail us and we'll help. We've layed it out so everything is simple to do and easy to understand. You need to know how to copy and paste text to your webpage... that's it!

It keeps giving me an error after I copied the code!
Usually, there has been a mistake in pasting. If you are not using a text editor (like notepad/wordpad) try that. Unfortunately some of the editors out there alter the code when you paste it in and upload it. People using America Online Publisher, Netscape Composer, or other similar Webpage editors have occasionally had difficulties. If Copying and Pasting doesn't work properly with one program, try editing your page with another. Try a word processor ... they work too.

I would like to send my visitor to a Thank-You Page after they have filled out the form... is that possible?
Absolutely. Make sure you know the full URL (address) for the thank you page. 
example: http://www.yours.com/~billy/thanks.htm
Then go to the Members Utilities Page (click here) and use the E-mail Form Processor Editor.

Can I ask any questions I like in my Form?
Sure, no problem. We do however limit you to 100 questions.

I lost my UserID number and Password!
No problem. Go to the Help and FAQ Page and find the link called "I Lost My Password"

Is there important HTML code I am not allowed to change in the Copy/Paste code?
Yes.  In order for the Form Processor to work properly, we need you to keep the first four lines of code, and the last four lines of code.  The middle stuff you can change to customize.
>>>  We need your userid as a hidden variable... don't take that out. <<<
If you want to change the button, change    value="Send"   to  value="GO!"   or whatever.

I lost the HTML code I was supposed to paste onto my webpage.
Here is an example of what to put on your page:

Remember to put User ID for UUU.

--------------------START CUT------------------------------------------------
<CENTER><TABLE border=1 cellpadding=10>
<FORM action="http://www.bravenet.com/emailfwd/senddata.asp" method="POST">
<INPUT type=hidden name=userid value=UUU>
What's Your Name?<BR>
<INPUT type=text NAME=name SIZE=20><BR>
Where are you from?<BR>
Email Address:?<BR>
<center><INPUT type=submit name=submit value="  Send  ">
<INPUT type=reset name=reset value=" Clear "> </FORM><A HREF=http://www.bravenet.com>
<IMG SRC="http://www.bravenet.com/brpics/formbutt.gif" BORDER=0></A></TD></TR>
---------------------END CUT--------------------------------------------------

Please note: 
You can ask any questions you like, but assign a 'name' that is only one word. That word must relate to the question. Example:
  Where are you from? <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=wherefrom SIZE=20><br>

When the above question is answered on your page the e-mail you receive will say:
  wherefrom = Rome, Italy

 CLICK HERE for a Fancy Form Sample.

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