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In our daily interaction with our students we are bound to notice that some of them have certain skills which could be developed further to help them in their different vocations in later years or for their enjoyment and entertainment in their spare time.

In school, there is a tendency for us to put so much emphasis on studying for exams that any amount of time spent on developing other skills is often considered a waste of precious time. There is so much presssure on teachers to impart as much knowledge as possible to their students that other interests such as developing artistic skills, pursuing hobbies and pastimes play a poor second in their agenda.

Personally I feel that a certain amount of time spent away from school books to pursue personal interests is good for body and soul. Students too undergo a high level of stress especially those who are about to sit for public exams (discounting those happy-go-luckies who are oblivious to exams or whatever). After spending some time studying, it is therapeutic to indulge in personal hobbies to release tension. Hobbies and pastimes range from the traditional kind, such as stamp-collecting, to the more unusual ones such as rock-climbing.

It is interesting to note the range of hobbies that people have to spend their leisure time on. First is the "collecting kind". This group collects items of interests such as perfume bottles, seeds, fancy buttons, pens, toys, crystals etc. etc. In fact I know of someone who collects whole fish bones, lay it on glossy papers, label it and display it purely for the pleasure of it.

The second group is the kind who releases tension by sweating it out by playing games and being generally on the move. Both ways help to divert their attention from their books for a while. And who knows, those few hours of fun and pleasure may one day turn some of our students into world-class musicians, artists and sportsmen.

- Evelyn Tebari Along -

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