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School holidays are dates very much looked forward to and welcomed by every teacher and student in the State. Whether it is just a short semester break or the end-of-the-year long holiday, it is a time away from the classroom. If it is a semester break, the actual number of days is not much but it is a break from the daily routine, one very much needed by all.

At the beginning of the year, every teacher is busy planning her lessons making sure that every topic is amply covered and still leaves plenty of time for revision work. Everyone is eager to start; there's so much to do. Thus, after a few months of hard work, extra-curricular activities notwithstanding, everyone is looking forward to a break.

In essence, a school holiday, be it a week or a month, is meant for students and teachers to spend time doing other meaningful activities aside from school work. In actual fact, whatever one does for a living, getting away from it all for a while is a therapeutic to one's professional health. For it is true that a time away from one's normal routine will find one refreshed, emotionally and physically restored to "keep one's nose to the grindstone" once more.

In a school scenario teachers can be so caught up with the business (busyness) of teaching that their own personal welfare can be quite neglected. As such a semester break is a time to attend to one's own needs such as going away for a holiday with families or just pursuing one's personal interests. School Principals and Headmasters, if it is at all possible, should try to limit to the minimum programs organized in the schools during holidays. Of course some programs need to go on, public examinations for one, but consideration should be given to teachers (and students) to allow them to have some time to themselves. On the same note, Education Offices should also be sensitive to the needs of teachers by not getting them bogged down with added responsibilities during holiday time. Hopefully when the new term starts, everyone is eager to begin, with body and mind refreshed. In that way we can once more value and cherish our chosen profession and look forward to doing our part with renewed zeal.

- Evelyn Tebari Along -

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