Committee Members of STU Kuching Branch

Chairman: Mr Tay Jik Kaw
Vice-Chairman:Mr Chai Kian Chun
Secretary:Mr Ong Kheng Syn
Treasurer:Mr Ng Siew Song
Committee Members:Mr Nyaut Jute
Ms Therese Wong
Ms Tay Siew Kee
Ms Mary Ting
Mr Jong Lai Fook
Co-opted Members:Mr Chong Jam Chong
Ms Rose Chua
Ms Noridah Daud

Mr Tay Jik Kaw

Mr Chai Kian Chun

Mr Ong Kheng Syn

Mr Ng Siew Song

Mr Jong Lai Fook

Mr Nyaut Jute

Sis Vicky Tay

Sis Mary Ting

Sis Noridah Daud

Sis Rose Chua

Mr James Chong

The Committee can be contacted through this email address:


Last Update: 20 Feb 1999

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