Wishing All Our Members A Happy Chinese New Year !!

News from the Secretary........

To members who are usually not free during normal office hours, we have good news for you. STU Headquarters Office will be open every Friday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. starting from January 1999. Members can meet some of the Principal Officials on duty to seek advice or discuss whatever service problems they may have to find an answer to their uncertainty. Or just drop by for a chat ......

Many parents of children who sat for public examinations last year have inquired about the Education Incentive Scheme which was first launched last year. The main objective of the scheme is to recognize the achievements of students who have worked hard and to motivate them towards higher goals.
During our 16th Kuching Branch Committee Meeting held on 6 January, 1999 we have decided that similar incentives will continue to be given this year. All members whose children are eligible are advised to look out for details that will be made known in early April through the next issue of our newsletter or contact our Headquarters office. [K.S. ONG]

[Translation in Chinese]
不少有子女参加去年公共考试的家长,已询问关于在去年由本分会所推出 的学业优良奖励金计划。
在古晋分会第十六次委员会会议上(6.1.99),我们已议决同样的奖励金也 将在今年发出。
请所有合格的会员注意将在四月初出版的分会会讯(newsletter)上的有关 细节或联络我们的(砂教师职工会)总部。

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