Latest Offer of Discount Schemes

1. Uncle Catís Cake House. Tabuan Laru - 15% discount on all bread, biscuits & cakes

2. Taiwan Cake House. Central Park - 15% discount on all bread, biscuits & cakes

3. Maison Monica Saloon De Beaute. - Kenyalang Park Shopping Centre

a)  Products		-   20%
b)  Facial		-   15%
c)  Hair-do		-   10%
d)  Make-up		-   10%
e)  Wedding Package 	-   10%

# Produce STU membership card to request discount

Reminder to teachers who transfer

Please inform your school representative or STU office so that you will receive our 'Link' or any circulars on latest development / activities.

Reminder to all School/Office Representatives

Those who have not received their free 2002 STU planner, please contact Brother James Chong, Chairman of School / Office Representatives Sub-Committee or STU office

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