From a Teacher's Heart

 It's only 5 and I'm already up and about
 waking up the whole household.
 Packing hubby to work and children to school
 and finally rushing to school in the wee hours of the morning,
 when some are still in their cozy  beds.
 Summoning sufficient energy, I'm already down to business as early 
 as 6.55, indulging myself in a profession where I expect no fame.
 Yes, a noble profession, teaching is.
 It touches me to see those students hungering for knowledge.
 Trust me, to them I offer my best.
 Multiple roles - a mentor, an educator, a disciplinarian,
 to mention a few, I have to play.
 With no complaints, I take up the challenge.
 Knowing at best, my rewards are in heaven.
 Having done my best when finally I am put to rest.
 To those unmotivated students, I offer my sympathy.
 At best, you've tried to keep up with the rest.
 I know it has not been your choice.
 You utter not a voice,
 though you can't beat the rest.
 It soothes me to know you've 'survived',
 and my conscience is clear as I've done my best.
 Each time when the day's done, you still look forlorn.
 I pray I'm not gone when at least  you've achieved something.
 Knowing too well it can't be in the academic field.
 To all my students, rest assured, good or bad.
 All of you are in my heart.
 I offer a sincere prayer.
 Before I bid adieu, I pray that the Almighty will continue 
 to bless you a plenty.
 All I ask of you, nothing more, nothing less, is to forgive me 
 when I've appeared 'insane' when you have been naughty.
 Take it from the horse's mouth - it has not been easy 
 juggling household  chores and teaching woes!
 Looks like I'm complaining though, as I'm only a plain human.
	                             	    -- Ding Ai You @ Mary Ting --

Serial No.4/97