1st Batch of STU Members

The Internet & World Wide Web Seminar

held at CDC Internet Centre, Kuching
on 19th July, 1997

The above Seminar was officiated by the President of the Sarawak Teachers' Union Mr William Ghani who congratulated the teachers/members taking part in the seminar. Their attendance had shown that the teachers are catching up with the trend of the world.

Below is the list of teachers taking part in the Seminar with their E-mail addresses offered free by CDC Internet Centre, Kuching.

No. Name School / organisation Email Address Remark
1 Ng Siew Song SMK Penrissen No. 1 Siewhong@ace.cdc.abu.com STU K/B Treasurer
2 Voon Suk Ling SMK Pending Sukling@ace.cdc.abu.com
3 Annie Tan SMK Pending Annietan@ace.cdc.abu.com
4 Hee Chin Tze SMK Pending Chintze@ace.cdc.abu.com
5 Lim Siew Cheng SMK Pending Sclim@ace.cdc.abu.com
6 Ong Kheng Syn SMB St. Joseph Khengsyn@ace.cdc.abu.com STU K/B Secretary
7 Udah SMK Kuching Town No.1 Udah@ace.cdc.abu.com
8 Yii Chee Hiong SMK Pending Chyii@ace.cdc.abu.com
9 Tay Teck Pin SMK Penrissen No. 1 Teckpin@ace.cdc.abu.com
10 Wong Siew Ting SMK Batu Lintang Siewting@ace.cdc.abu.com
11 Lee Nyan Kong SMK Penrissen No. 1 Nyankong@ace.cdc.abu.com
12 Goh Hai Chuan SMK Penrissen No. 1 Haichuan@ace.cdc.abu.com
13 Teresa Khoo SRK Green Road Teresa@ace.cdc.abu.com
14 Debbie Ayun Janan SRK Green Road Debbie@ace.cdc.abu.com
15 Maria Sim SRK Green Road Mariasim@ace.cdc.abu.com
16 Law Lee Ee SRK Green Road LeLaw@ace.cdc.abu.com
17 Delia Bunten SRK Green Road Delia@ace.cdc.abu.com
18 Mariana Yusof School for the Blind Mariana@ace.cdc.abu.com
19 Gunggu School for the Blind Gunggu@ace.cdc.abu.com
20 Annie Soon School for the Blind Soon@ace.cdc.abu.com
21 Nicolas Lee Yan Siong SMK Muara Tuang Yansiong@ace.cdc.abu.com
22 Poh Kim Nguan SMK Muara Tuang Kimnguan@ace.cdc.abu.com
23 Chin Lee Yin SRB St. Andrews Sg. Apong Leeyin@ace.cdc.abu.com
24 Liza Bt. Bujang SRB St. Andrews Sg. Apong Liza@top.cdc.abu.com
25 Juliana Pasty SMK Siburan Juliana@ace.cdc.abu.com
26 Ding Ai Yu SMK Siburan Aiyu@ace.cdc.abu.com
27 Diana Tay SRB Mejar General Dianatay@ace.cdc.abu.com
28 Chai Kian Chun SRB Chung No. 1 Kcchai@best.cdc.com.my Coordinator/Webmaster
29 Jacob Liew CDC Internet Jacob@ace.cdc.abu.com Speaker / Webmaster
30 Richard Liaw STU Executive Secretary Liaw@ace.cdc.abu.com STU Officer