Conditions of Using STU's Forums

The aims of the STU's forums are mainly for the teachers especially teachers from Sarawak/Malaysia to exchange their views or ideas on topics they are interested. Any controversy contravenes to the races, religions and the laws of Sarawak/Malaysia is not allowed. Any views, opinions posted here do not represent that of STU and the webmasters.

For the moment, there are 3 forums:

1) STU Forum offered free by which requires an user to register as a Delphi member beforehand. Then the user can access to the messages and either post reply or add a new message. (For teachers only)

2) Forum Guru offered free by which doesn't need an user to open an account with it beforehand. The user can view a message by clicking its topic or subject then he/she can either post reply or add a new message. (For teachers only)

3) CatCity Talk offered free by is open to both the teachers and the public. A high degree of self-control from the users on any sensitive issue is needed. An efective email address is required for replying purpose.

N.B. If you want to reply to a certain subject, you just click the subject/topic and then click "Post Reply". No need to post a new message unless you've created a new topic.
By the Webmaster.
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