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WITH ONE VOICE . . . . . . . .

It is a fact that some teachers and office workers feel that their contribution to the school and office is negligible, a small part in the organisation. To some extent it is true; a teacher may be one of nine or ten who are teaching a particular subject or an office worker is just one in a group in a particular section out of the many sections in the office. Sometimes we may feel insignificant, unappreciated and unacknowledged. There are times when we feel we can only go through the task purely out of a sense of duty.

It is high time that teachers and office staff come to a realisation that the "little" that each one of us contribute adds up together to make one big contribution in our school and office. We are given a particular job to do and, presumably, those in authority had taken into consideration that we are the most suitable one for that job.

Teamwork is very important in any organisation. In a school, each teacher and everyone of the non-teaching staff has a crucial part to play in the smooth-running of the school. In any activity organized by the school, be it academic in nature or extra-curricular, the selfless effort of every teacher and student is needed to achieve success.

This means that each one of us must not feel that our role is minimal, negligible and makes little difference. On the contrary, our efforts help the school and the office to bring a specific task to successful completion. The Principal and the Headmaster of a school can only plan programmes for the school. The teachers, students (and on some occasion, the parents) are the ones who make success a reality. In the context of a school, no one has the ability to accomplish so much all by himself. The contribution of every teacher, regardless of his grade, whether a DG3 teacher or a DGA6 one, is invaluable in a school.

It is proven time and again that a school where there is unity, understanding and cooperation among the staff and where the Principal has a clear and achievable goal for the school is the one which can excel and brings pride and joy to the school.


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